A man has made at least
a start on discovering
the meaning of human life
when he plants shade trees
under which he knows full
well he will never sit.

:: D. Elton Trueblood


Work for Us

Public Counsel of the Rockies contracts with lawyers, engineers and other professionals who are paid for their time at discounted rates and often provide in-kind services. We are in search of passionate and committed experts to join us in protecting our most precious natural and human resources. Work with us to promote sound, rational policies on growth and development that safeguard our legacy for future generations.

We currently are working with:

  • Attorneys specializing in environmental, water, land use and immigration law.
  • Land use, water and transportation planners.
  • Water, chemical, and nuclear engineers.
  • Wildlife biologists.
  • Writers, photographers and documentary film makers.

If you are interested in bringing us your ideas for future cases or initiatives or working on one of our current projects please contact us

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