I wake each day torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savour the world. It makes it hard to
plan my day.

:: E. B. White

George Stranahan

Born 11/5/31 Toledo, Ohio. Married, 6 children.
K-8th Maumee Valley Country Day School, Maumee, Ohio
9-12 the Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Conn.
B.S in Physics, California Institute of Technology, 1953
U.S. Army, 1954-1956
M.S., Ph.D in Physics, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1961
Postdoctoral fellowship, Purdue University, 1962 -1965
Associate Professor, Michigan State University, 1965- 1972
High School Science teacher, Okemos, MI 1971-1972
Interim Head, Aspen Community School, 1972-1973
Owner-operator Flying Dog Ranch (beef cattle) 1972-present
Founding owner Woody Creek Tavern, 1980
Founding owner Flying Dog Brewpub, 1991
Founding owner Flying Dog Brewery, Denver, CO, 1994
Partner Lone Wolfe Brew Pub
Head, Aspen Community School, 1992-1995
Executive Director, Aspen Educational Research Foundation, now COMPASS 1995-1999