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Sarah Klahn

Sarah Klahn represents municipal, industrial and ranching clients on water rights and water quality matters in Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Sarah brings to her practice a willingness to consider innovative approaches to both trying and settling cases. In Vance v. Wolfe and William F. West Ranch, LLC v. Tyrell, her clients’ arguments defined the applicability of state water law in Colorado and Wyoming to oil and gas produced ground water diversions. On behalf of the City of Pocatello, Sarah is lead counsel in various delivery call cases-of-first-impression, which are expected to resolve the legal contours of conjunctive management in Idaho (A&B Irrigation District v. Spackman). She handles scores of routine water rights and water quality matters for clients as well as more uncommon disputes involving interstate compacts and federal reserved rights. Her work requires her to appear regularly before administrative agencies and state and federal district courts throughout the Rocky Mountain west, and the United States Supreme Court. In addition to her litigation practice, she testified as an expert witness on Colorado water law in Hall v. Moreno, 270 P.3d 961 (Colo. 2012), a case involving federal congressional redistricting. In her spare time, Sarah serves as the firm’s managing partner, a job she describes as “herding cats.”