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Lee T. Rozaklis

One of the founders of Hydrosphere, Mr. Rozaklis has over 30 years’ experience in water resources planning and management, with recognized expertise in hydrologic analysis, modeling of water supply systems, water rights engineering, economic and policy analysis, public involvement, and demand management.

Much of Mr. Rozaklis’ experience involves analyses of water resources systems in complex physical and institutional settings. He has served as project manager and key technical analyst in several major water management and municipal water supply studies in Colorado, including the Upper Colorado River Basin Study, the¬†Metropolitan Water Supply Investigation, and the Denver Basin and South Platte River Basin Technical Study. The latter study quantified the relationships between population growth, water supply options, Denver Basin groundwater pumping, transbasin diversions and streamflow impacts to the South Platte River and formed the analytical basis for Colorado’s plan for addressing the impacts of new, water-related activities on critical habitats for Platte River endangered species.

Mr. Rozaklis is the hydrology team leader for the South Metro Water Supply Study, which is examining in detail the feasibility of a regional conjunctive use plan between Douglas County and Denver Water in Colorado that was initially identified in the Metropolitan Water Supply Investigation.

He has provided a wide range of services to the City of Boulder regarding water rights engineering, water supply system planning, instream flow program development, water demand forecasting and water conservation. He has extensive field experience in watershed hydrology, streamflow measurement, stream gain/loss studies and water quality monitoring.

Mr. Rozaklis has testified as an expert witness in the areas of water rights, hydrology and water quality in Federal District courts, Colorado’s Division 1 Water Court, and several state and county-level quasi-judicial permitting forums.

Mr. Rozaklis’ work has been published in numerous conference proceedings and in the refereed journal,¬†Journal of the Water Resources Planning and Management Division (ASCE). He holds an MS in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University and a BS in Environmental Biology from the University of Colorado.