I wake each day torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savour the world. It makes it hard to
plan my day.

:: E. B. White

Gerald Dahl

Since 1976, Mr. Dahl has practiced in local government law, dealing with all aspects of land use, annexation, personnel, governmental operations and water rights. Mr. Dahl is a past general counsel to the Colorado Municipal League (1984-1990) and to the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (1978-1984).  Mr. Dahl represents municipalities and counties in general government matters and in the planning and development of land.  His practice in this field is statewide.  He has authored numerous complete land use codes for municipalities and counties.  He specializes in annexation and land use code diagnosis and revision to implement planning goals.  He is a frequent speaker on land use, ethics and local government issues.