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"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin..."

:: John Muir




Our Mission

Public Counsel “balances the scales” on Conservation, Energy & Water and Public Justice issues. As a regional and largely virtual public interest law firm, Public Counsel develops, funds and coordinates professional teams, putting private funding next to the best talent in the region around good ideas.

The Problem

The Rocky Mountain region is subject to intense pressures on land, water, wildlife, and rural communities due to changing demographics. Real estate and resort developers as well as oil and gas, timber, and mining interests are able to muster significant financial resources to hire the very best private counsel and experts to promote their agendas. By contrast, the sparsely populated communities that are scattered throughout the west are unable to identify and engage equally effective public counsel and experts.  In order to balance the scales, Public Counsel of the Rockies was launched in 2000.

Public Counsel provides the critical linkages to seasoned legal and other professionals. These teams pursue best-facts “test cases,” facilitate community mediations, engage in technical analyses, and launch public education campaigns to protect the natural and human resources that are the legacy of future generations in the West.

Our Approach

Public Counsel earmarks and leverages grants and contributions to mobilize and deploy highly qualified project teams, working at half market instead of pro-bono. We link seasoned contract professionals  to pivotal issues, and leverage funds earmarked by donors for each project. By using Internet technology, we make it possible for legal and other experts to work remotely and cost-effectively, collaborating in “virtual offices” to develop effective responses to threats to natural ecosystems, and the social fabric of the Rocky Mountain region.

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